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In a guest post, my eight month old son talks about his first Christmas….

Well, a lot of these posts on this blog are about me so it’s only right that I should be able to have my say on here from time to time. A lot of people think that I’m making at the moment are ‘just babbling’ but there is more to it than that, and I hope to show how I’m developing an understanding of the world around me in this blog post. You may think that it’s odd for an eight month old to be doing a guest post, but remember that quite a few of the posts on this blog are proofread by the fluffy tiger pictured below.

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Christmas Day started early, at 5.30am to be precise (…although some would argue that really it began just after the clock struck midnight and Christmas Eve came to a close). Mummy and daddy told the rest of the family that they opened their presents to each other at 5.30am because I’d woken up but the reality is that they tickled my feet so as they could have an excuse to start opening their presents.

A lot of people think that playing with wrapping paper is one of the highlights of Christmas for babies, but the more well-informed parent bloggers (such as the one who writes at The Ugly Volvo) realise that this is not the case. I did shake some of the wrapping paper and presents, although this was mainly my way of expressing my frustration at being up at 5.30am during a time of year that is referred to as part of the holiday season. Teething and have a nappy that needs changing are good reasons for getting up early, but I’m not sure if this whole ‘Christmas’ thing fully justifies waking at such an hour. My first present was a knitted dinosaur that my mum made for me. My grandad tells me that it’s a wool-a-saurus.

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I enjoyed a Christmas breakfast of porridge followed by a prune, which is pretty similar to what I have most days really. Lunch was a bit more of a big thing though as I was allowed to help myself to some of the food off mummy and daddy’s plates. I ate my first mini Yorkshire pudding and also tried some sprouts, carrots and a roast potato. It was all quite nice but I decided to pass on the nut roast and Christmas pudding.

During Christmas lunch, I played with one of these things that are called ‘Christmas Crackers’. In case you don’t know what these are, I think that my daddy explained this in his recent blog post entitled 5 Things I liked about Christmas in the UK. Christmas crackers contain jokes and, like my daddy’s jokes, they aren’t always the best jokes in the world. My dad told a lot of Christmas cracker jokes on Christmas Day. Here are some of the less bad jokes that he shared with everyone:

Why did no-one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? Because they are two deer.

A drum kit with no drumsticks is a great Christmas present. In fact, you just can’t beat it.

How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus was 7 pounds 8 ounces when he was born? They had a weigh in a manger.

See what I mean about the quality of his jokes? In her wedding speech last year, mummy apparently told daddy that she was marrying him despite his sense of humour rather than because of it. With jokes like that, I can see why. What is it with dads and bad jokes?

My daddy told me that he saw these two guys at the elf service counter when he was at the supermarket...

My daddy told me that he saw these two guys at the elf service counter when he was at the supermarket…

As it happens, I almost missed Christmas lunch. I’d been put upstairs in the room mummy and daddy were staying in at mummy’s aunt and uncle’s house but thankfully mummy and daddy were using a device called a baby monitor that they’d just bought. To me it’s not a baby monitor, it’s more of a parental room service call device. I just make a noise and they come to see what’s up. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

I was taken up and down to the bedroom quite a few times on Christmas Day as I was so excited that I didn’t really want to go to bed in the evening. Mummy kept taking me up to bed and giving me a feed to try to get me to sleep but ending up having to take me back downstairs to see everyone again as I kept refusing to go to sleep. Every time she did this, I found daddy telling more Christmas jokes and I had second thoughts about whether deciding not to go to sleep was the right decision. He had a long list of these jokes as he apparently told 100 Christmas cracker jokes while commentating on a football match online just before Christmas.

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Anyway, daddy said that I could be as mean as I wanted about his jokes as long as I mentioned that he’s been nominated in the Best Newcomer category of the Love All Dads dad blogger awards for 2013. Once you click on that link in the last sentence, a single mouse click on ‘Dad’s the Way I Like It’ is all it takes to vote for him. He’s said that he might even reduce the number of Christmas jokes he tells next Christmas and also let me do another guest post if he wins, so what more incentive could you possibly want?

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