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This week I’m delighted to be hosting a guest post for the first time and its author is James Tew, a dad blogger from Australia. Here’s a post where he talks about what being a parent means to him and explains why he started his blog Raising3Daughters.

Why I Blog by James (@james_tew)

A while ago, I asked Jonathan to write me a guest piece on why he blogs. Well it is time that I return the favour.

You see, in Jonathan’s post, he talks about the growing number of dad blogs popping up in the UK and wanting to join the conversation. But I didn’t start blogging because of the growing number dad bloggers here in Australia, I started because I wanted to become a better writer, tell my story and show people who aren’t yet dads, just how great it can be.

It all started while we were travelling across Australia, moving my young family to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory where we knew no one. Sure, lots of families have been in this situation but our was a little different to most. 3 weeks after we arrived, I left to undertake a course to change careers. Not only was I leaving my family in a new, unfamiliar city but I was going to be gone for 19 weeks.

Leading up to this I had been blogging for sometime. Trying to carve my piece of real estate in the busy social media marketing niche. I stood no chance. I was new to the field, no one knew me or wanted to know me and I was getting disheartened. But as we travelled across the country, my wife said to me “why don’t you start writing about being a dad instead of something you don’t know much about?”

Perfect I thought.

Before I met my wife, I never pictured myself as a dad, let alone welcoming my first child into the world at age 23. But something felt right when we found out that my wife was pregnant. Sure I was scared to death for the entire 9 months of the pregnancy but it was like this was meant to happen.

A year down the track we were expecting number three (my wife already had a daughter when I met her) and I began to lose commonality with the friends I had grown up with. I was in the military and spending months away from home, they were finishing degrees and working in powerful corporate jobs. I was also a dad whose life revolved around three little girls where as they didn’t have children.

No longer could I go down to the beach on a 40 degree day just to lay in the sun, kick the footy and drink some beers. Instead I was thinking about “when is the next episode of Peppa pig on” and “when is it nap time so I can use the toilet in peace!”. I felt like I was becoming more disconnected from my existing friends but we still caught up and had some great times but they were limited.

When I started blogging about being a dad, I didn’t do any research into dad blogging. I came up with, what I thought was, a witty name for my blog and just started writing. However, after a few posts, I searched the internet for guys like me who just wanted to tell their story. After all, that is what it is about isn’t it?

This was a thing, I discovered. Dad blogging was a thing, a growing niche.

Hundreds, if not thousands of men around the world just looking to share their stories with each other. From the UK to the US, New Zealand to Australia, I’ve managed to relate to hundreds of blog posts from dads around the world. That is what I truly love about being a parent blogger and is partly the reason why I continue to blog.

But I genuinely love being a parent. Despite what my wife would say about me being impatient and what this post says, I love being a dad. Blogging allows me to share that pride of being a parent and I maintain that there is NO better feeling that the one you will see in this video!

When I first watched that, I cried. I’m not going to deny it. It’s tough to watch because I have been in situations like that before. But do you know what I think the best thing about parenting is?

The unconditional love that you receive every day from your kids.

I love being able to share that feeling, or at least I try to convey that feeling to my readers.

Blogging allows me to connect to people around the world, like Jonathan, that I would normally never meet in my lifetime. I have now friends, that if I was in the US, UK or somewhere else in the world, I could email and catch up with them for a beer. What else gives you the power to do that?

That is why I blog and that is why I will continue to blog about being a parent.

If you have kids, what do you see as the most special aspects of being a parent? If you are a parent blogger, do you have a special reason why you started blogging?

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