Father and baby food reviews

Forget the Guide Michelin and all the other fancy restaurant guides, this week my soon-to-be year old son and myself are going to review each other’s food. Ever since he did  a guest post giving his perspective on his first ever Christmas, our son has been keen to have another go at doing a blog post. As his touch-typing skills are not quite at the same level as his food throwing schools, we’ve each written half of this post.

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Daddy’s thoughts on baby’s food (1): Apple Rings

Perhaps because my own dad comes from a part of Northern Ireland known as ‘orchard county’, I have a natural affinity with apples, apple juice and almost anything else with apples in it. Apple rings were one of our son’s early favourite foods and chewing away at one of them could keep him happy for quite some time. I also thought they made quite a nice snack, so would often pick up one pack for our son and one myself when I was doing the shopping. Our son doesn’t seem as keen on apple rings now, which I guess means that there’ll be more for me now! Yay!

Baby’s thoughts on daddy’s food (1): blueberries

Well if he’s going to eat my apple rings, then I’m going to tuck into his blueberries! Shortly after I was born, daddy started trying to eat things like Greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds and blueberries for breakfast. Now I don’t know what pumpkin seeds are like, but I do know that blueberries are pretty great. In fact, they’re the sort of food that no self-respecting baby throws all over the place. Like I do with raisins, these little fruits are something I could happily eat one after another for quite a long time.

"Mummy, that tortilla wrap you're eating smells much nicer than those pumpkin and whatever things"

“Mummy, that tortilla wrap you’re eating smells much nicer than those pumpkin and banana wafers”

Daddy’s thoughts on baby’s food (2): Pumpkin and banana wafers

Apparently these things are supposed to be a tasty form of cracker for small kids to chew on. They tasted a bit more like cardboard dipped in artificial flavouring and colouring. I’d rather eat a beer mat.

Baby’s thoughts on daddy’s food (2): risotto

Daddy is not a big fan of things like risotto or mushroom stroganoff. He says that it’s one of those things that you can’t avoid eating at least one at a two day conference if you’re a vegetarian. Sometimes when he gets back from a work conference, all I hear is “moan, moan, mushroom stroganoff, moan, moan, moan…”. Mummy made me some risotto a few months ago and it was really nice and I really liked being able to eat it with my hands. Maybe daddy should try eating mushroom stroganoff with his hands next time he goes to a conference.

Daddy’s thoughts on baby’s food (3): apple flavoured mini rice cakes

Back when I was younger, there seemed to be just plain rice cakes and these were pretty tasty when spread with things such as jam, honey or marmite. They were also pretty good with melted cheese. Given what I thought of the pumpkin and banana flavoured beer mats (see above), I was a bit sceptical about flavoured rice cakes. I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

Baby's first taste of vegetarian haggis

Baby’s first taste of vegetarian haggis

Baby’s thoughts on daddy’s food (3): vegetarian haggis

As daddy is from Scotland and a vegetarian, he is pretty keen on vegetarian haggis. He talks about it on here quite a lot and even wrote a blog post entitled Will our son like haggis? in which he talked about how keen he was for me to try this supposed delicacy. I can’t say that I was all that taken with it when I first started rubbing my hands into the mashed potato topping and I didn’t even realise that it was proper food. The potato was quite tasty and I really liked the vegetarian haggis mixture too. He may go on about it a bit, but vegetarian haggis is pretty tasty. Yum yum!

"Next time we're in France, can I try one of these please?"

“Next time we’re in France, can I try one of these please?”

Leaving joking aside, I’ve really enjoyed seeing our son gradually become more curious about different sorts of food in the last six months. This seemed to start during a week’s holiday to Brittany (France) back in September of last year. We’ve been doing baby-led weaning and he’s started to become really keen on quite a few different fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, pears and apples (…in addition to blueberries). Trips out to a local tapas restaurant always seem to go down well with our son as he loves trying all the different sorts of fruit and vegetables that accompany the food. Let’s hope that he continues to enjoy all sorts of different foods as he gets older!

What sorts of baby foods do you like eating and what sorts of foods were are (or were) your baby’s favourites? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below or on the ‘Dad’s The Way I Like It’ pages on Facebook or Google+.

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