Baby's first year (2) 

As our son recently celebrated his first birthday, here’s a look back at his first year in pictures…


Shortly after being born, he realised that being a baby can be really tiring work. As he hadn’t yet started smiling, I really liked taking photos and making short videos of his big yawns as they were quite expressive.


Within months of being born, it was clear that he had inherited my dress sense…

2013-06-08 11.34.34

On my first Fathers’ Day last year, we went out for lunch and then on to a local pottery shop, he painted some mugs and plates using his footprints and handprints. I think that getting him to do so now might be a bit more challenging as it’s hard to change a nappy without him attempting to crawl away.

2013-06-16 14.25.03

As a three month old, our son was already keen to go to his first music festival. We took him to the Gwyl Gardd Goll (Lost Garden Festival) on Anglesey, here in North Wales, on the condition that he wore these stylish baby ear protectors.

2013-07-27 17.00.57


Here’s tooth number one! 2013-08-01 12.27.52


By the time he reached four and a half months old, we decided to start teaching him so basic IT skills. In this picture I reckon that he is thinking ‘so I just turn it off and then turn it on again, dad?’.2013-09-02 19.12.07


 During a trip to France on our first holiday as a family last year, he started to show a real interest in food and spent a lot of time salivating over restaurant menus (…and occasionally throwing them on the floor!).

2013-09-14 13.21.40


By the time he was six months old, he was already trying to have his say on what we watched on television. Six more months down the line, he still regularly tries to get his hands on the remote control.2013-10-26 19.26.04


As if to drop a hint about going on another holiday some time soon, he now regularly reads the travel section of the Saturday newspaper.2013-11-17 13.22.06


As I’m from Scotland, I was very proud to see him tucking into vegetarian haggis for the first time in January this year.2014-01-24 16.58.18


Our son recently decided to have his own say on which of his old clothes to keep and which to give away after they’d been neatly sorted out into bags.2014-04-12 17.43.25

Here he is a few days before he turned one, playing with a giraffe that we bought him as an early birthday present on a day trip to Chester.

2014-04-16 16.49.00

If you are a parent, what do you remember most from your first year as a parent? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below or on the ‘Dad’s The Way I Like It’ pages on Facebook or Google+.

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