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Books, bubbles and babysitting are among the topics that I mention in this post about what I’ve learned about parenting this month…

1. I was feeling shattered one Friday night recently at the same time as our baby son was full of energy. I was tempted to send him into the kitchen to do the dishes to see if it would tire him out.

2. Our son has started to show an interest in books. He recently crawled into the spare room and started pulling loads of them off the bookcase.


3. Our son’s newly discovered love of pulling books of bookshelves made me a bit nervous about taking him to a story and craft event for kids at our local library. Thankfully I managed to put back all the books that he threw on the floor and managed to stop him eating any crayons.

4. Our local Indian takeaway is called The Sitar. They’re going to open a new smaller branch that provides childcare as well as curries. It’s going to be called The Baby Sitar.

5. Our son seems to be developing a love of bubbles (see picture below).

2014-04-06 13.15.47

6. Yesterday I sang our son a song about a tortilla. Well, I call it a song but it was really a rap.

7. Our son has definitely got a bit wiser since celebrating his first birthday recently. Unfortunately this means that he no longer thinks that the television remote control has vanished when we hide it under a cushion.

8. Kids’ toothbrushes with suction pads at the end are great fun. Parents can play a game where one person sticks the toothbrush somewhere in the bathroom and the other one has to find it.

9. One of our son’s favourite games at the moment is ‘grab daddy’s nose’. I have a visible scratch mark as a result of this and he’s even managed to draw blood by scratching me in the same place twice in three days. He really needs to take better care of those rough finger nails.

10. After our first trip to a soft play centre recently,  I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re better for tiring out parents than small children.

2014-04-06 15.33.49


11. Trying to bite people’s knees isn’t one of the symptoms of teething that books about parenting normally seem to mention, but it’s one that our son is currently displaying!

12. My wife recently thought she heard our son wake up but it turned out to be a noise being made by a monkey on a wildlife programme that we were watching on television. I’m glad that it’s not just me that this sort of thing happens to.

13. Dear department stores, having a hand wipe dispenser so close to a nappy changing mat is not a good idea. I think I’d have needed to be an octopus to have both changed our son’s nappy and stopped him from pulling wipes out of the dispenser at the same time.

2014-04-16 16.02.08


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