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It’s time for my monthly feature about what I’ve learned about parenting this month. This edition is about swings, wires and raspberries…

1. Our son loves trying to grab the lap top cable or any other wires he can. When I’m doing work at home, I now try to charge the lap top while he’s asleep so I don’t need to have it plugged in while he’s awake.

2. Dear almost one year old son, when mummy says ‘give daddy a goodnight kiss’ she doesn’t mean repeatedly hit daddy in the face. Thank you.

3. Dear son, even though you haven’t really got the whole idea of not getting up as early as normal at the weekends yet, thank you for leaving it until 7.45am before deciding it was time to get up one Sunday recently when I had a bit of a cold. I really appreciate your consideration.

2014-03-02 16.22.05

Our son goes searching for the remote control

4. Our latest parenting challenge is hiding the television remote control from our baby son and then remembering where it is when we want to watch something.

5. We’re currently looking round houses with a view to moving to somewhere slightly bigger. Our son has developed a bit of a tendency to stare out the people who show us round the houses we view. I hope this won’t affect how we come across to the people selling!

6. Being from Scotland and living in Wales, our son’s probably going to realise that English and British do not mean the same thing. That said, I’m not sure that he’s got the difference between the United States and Canada sussed yet. When he and I were being interviewed by a US television crew for a programme about travelling with kids, he wore these maple leaf shoes (see picture below).

2014-03-16 11.16.31

7. I recently had a raspberry blowing competition with our son. It was very close, but I think I won.

8. When you’ve got a kid who sometimes decides to start loudly blowing raspberries at 6.35am, you don’t always need an alarm clock. Maybe having raspberry blowing competitions with our son wasn’t the best idea.

9. I really enjoyed recently taking our son to have a go on some swings for the first time. Swings for little kids are great, but they can be a bit of a challenge for tall dads like myself when it comes to not getting a sore back after a bit. Anyone got any tips?

2014-03-23 15.06.27

10. Our son currently likes taking things out of a box and then putting them back into a box. If this love of being neat and tidy continues, I’m going to bring him in to work to help tidy my office.

11. Last weekend, the clocks went forward here in the UK. A lot of people think that this means having an hour less in bed, but our son would like to point out that it meant that he can say that he waited until 8am before wanting to get up last Sunday.

12. We have some big family news to announce: the pitter patter of tiny feet… In fact, two sets of tiny feet! We’ve just got two new chickens!

It's time to introduce Dorothy, Betsy and Myfanwy...

It’s time to introduce Dorothy, Betsy and Myfanwy…

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