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Parenting isn’t just about big milestones, it’s also about the little things that bring a smile to your face or make you think. This is something that I touched upon last month in a post entitled Being a Dad: Celebrating the Little Things and it’s something that I’m going to make a regular feature on the blog (…as long as our son keeps doing funny little things, which we’re sure he will do!). Anyway, here are seven thoughts from my seventh month as a parent:

07/11/13 We’re raising our six month old son as a vegetarian but he’s been chewing a bright yellow duck during bath time quite a lot recently.

10/11/13 Baby son was in team baby grow for his 1st football match yesterday but pooped. We had to change baby grow and then team lost. Coincidence? After it was suggested that our son should be given a football banning order as our team lost the game that I mentioned above, I came up with an idea. Alternatively, we could just get him to put on a baby grow with the opposition team’s crest on it and feed him prunes.

11/11/13 We went out for lunch yesterday and our son spent more time playing with a beer mat than the plastic toy that we brought him. Moral of the story – kids’ toy shops need to sell fewer plastic toys and more beer mats.

12/11/13 After I blew out the candles on my birthday cake recently, our six month old son started crying. I hope this doesn’t happen every time someone in the family has a birthday. Does anyone else have kids who do this?

15/11/13 Must try to stop eating our baby son’s apple rings, but they’re so tasty! Mike Crider of Twin Dad Talks suggested that this was only right as kids often grow up to want to eat off their parents’ plates. As as our son was just under seven months old when I posted this, perhaps it’s a case of me getting the retaliation in first! 

16/11/13 Our son and I had fun playing with stacking cups today. When he was in his little chair, I kept trying to see if I could put one on each of his feet and one on each of his hands before he could knock any of them off. It was a bit like Buckaroo! 🙂

22/11/13 Might get tablet soon but worried it won’t be as good as my laptop for playing peek-a-boo with son on days when I work from home.

Do any of these comments remind you of things that your kids do or used to do? If so, feel free to share your views in the comments section below or on the ‘Dad’s The Way I Like It’ pages on Facebook or Google+.

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