An aerial shot of feeding time at the zoo as another rice cake with homous ends up face down on the floor...

An aerial shot of feeding time at the zoo as another rice cake with homous ends up face down on the floor…

First there was 6 things I’ve learnt in 6 months as a parent. Then, hot on the heels of Being a dad: celebrating the little things, there was its light-hearted sequel 7 thoughts from my 7th month as a parent. Now it’s time for 8 thoughts from my 8th month as a parent. Once again, I am sharing some of my reflections on life as a parent and the little things that our son does as he develops and tries to gradually make sense of the world around him. Here goes…

1. There are quite a few pictures of our baby son that have led people to say that he looks like me. One of them is a photo of him having a bath in which my wife says his facial expression makes him look a bit like an alien. I’m not sure how to take this combination of comparisons.

2. Our son is trying to crawl but often ends up moving backwards. When he sees something he wants, we’re having to lift him up, turn him around and hope that he’s able to move backwards towards it. 

3. Our baby son is developing advanced motor skills. Yesterday he changed our car’s oil, today he fixed the windscreen wipers and tomorrow he’s changing a tyre.

4. Must control reactions when watching live sport on TV with our son, made him cry after my football team went 7-0 up recently. I should have remembered about this sort of thing. After all, he did start to whimper and then howl after myself and some friends got a bit excited about seeing Andy Murray win Wimbledon.

5. Dear 7 and a half month old son, it’s cool that you can blow raspberries. That said, 4am isn’t best time to repeatedly show off this skill.

6. Had a few of our baby son’s apple rings again today. Well he did leave the bag lying around open in the kitchen. This happens quite often so I hope that he’s going to learn his lesson about leaving an open bag of apple rings lying around.

7. Watching baby son eating is even more fun than seeing feeding time at Edinburgh Zoo after the penguin parade. He currently has a really cute penguin suit that he likes to wear. The fact we’re vegetarian has meant that we haven’t tried to create the penguin parade by making him follow me while I carry a bucket of fish and then thrown the fish at him and watch him catch them in his mouth.

8. Two months ago, I wrote about 6 things that I’ve learned in six months as a parent. Last month I talked about 7 thoughts from my 7th month as a parent. This month, I’ve given you 8 thoughts from my 8th month as a parent. Next month I’ll have to have nine thoughts. This whole parenting thing is sooooooooooo demanding sometimes… 🙂

Do any of these comments remind you of things that your kids do or used to do? If so, feel free to share your views in the comments section below or on the ‘Dad’s The Way I Like It’ pages on Facebook or Google+.

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