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Our son expresses surprise at seeing himself described as a somewhat messy eater on my blog

With our son now entering his 10th month, he has now been out of the womb for longer than he was inside the womb. Apparently babies can hear from inside the womb and I believe that one once wrote a book about what they could see from inside the womb, and that their novel was later made into a film. Anyone remember ‘Womb with a View’? 

I’ve learned a lot about parenting over the last few months, and this post is the latest in a series of monthly posts that I’ve been writing about memorable little moments, anecdotes and reflections. I’ve included links to previous posts in this series at the end. Anyway, here are ten thoughts from my 10th month as a parent:

1. Our son used to chew a plastic duck in the bath, which caused us a few worries as vegetarian parents. We were re-assured when he started chewing a face cloth in the bath rather than the duck, but recently he’s been using a raw carrot as a toy and throwing it round the front room. Vegetables = something to eat, plastic duck = something to play with. Obviously, we need to keep working on this one.

2. I explained the difference between ‘less’ and ‘fewer’ to our baby son when ‘less’ was misused by the presenter of BBC’s television rural affairs series Countryfile. Our son looked back and smiled. I must point out to him that some of his baby grows feature missing or misplaced apostrophes.

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3. I recently parked in parent & baby space for 1st time since becoming a dad. Wasn’t much closer to the shop than normal but felt like a big moment. I parked in another parent & baby space last weekend and feel like I am really a proper parent now.

4. Our baby son has discovered that he get all his toys out of his toy box more quickly if he just tips the box upside down. He still needs to work on his tidying up technique though.

5. I have started to use Twitter a bit more since staring this dad blog. When my wife was singing The Wheels on the Bus to our son, she including the line ‘the daddies on the  bus go “tweet, tweet, tweet”‘. I hope that our son will grow up to realise that birds also go ‘tweet, tweet, tweet’.

It's a triple whammy! Bowl on the floor, food on the floor, spoon on the floor...

It’s a triple whammy! Bowl on the floor, food on the floor, spoon on the floor…

6. In a previous post, I mentioned that our son sometimes shows off his raspberry blowing skills at 4am. It’s getting worse – he’s now demonstrating these abilities during mealtimes when his mouth is full. We’ll have to start wearing overalls when we feed him before long as it can sometimes feel like we’re being paintballed at close range.

7. Whenever our son drops a cream cheese rice cake, it seems to always end up cream cheese side down on the floor.  When cats fall, they’re supposed to always land on their feet. I wonder if this would still happen if a cat was covered with cream cheese. Please note that I have not carried out any empirical research into this matter and have no intention of doing so.

8. Our son’s getting closer and closer to managing to crawl at the moment but still doing quite a bit of wobbling and falling over like a little drunk person.

Mmmm... Yummy haggis!

Mmmm… Yummy haggis!

9. I had a proud Scottish Dad moment on Burns Night this year. Our, 9 month old son had his first taste of vegetarian haggis and really liked it! I’m particularly proud of this as I made the vegetarian haggis from from scratch for the first time ever this year. Have a look at this post if you want to hear more about this.

10. Dear son, as you’re into your tenth month you’ll have to remember that from now on you need to do a double figure number of funny, cute or thought-provoking things per month. If you don’t, writing this monthly post is going to get really difficult. Please try to remember this. Thanks

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