14th month as a parent

Daddy dancing, high fiving and food throwing are have all been part of my 14th month as a parent…

1. Our son is barely a year old but already quite good at imitating how my wife says ‘oh dear’ and I haven’t been teaching him to do it either. I’m wondering what his first daddy impression is going to be like.

2. Just over a year into parenthood and my daddy dancing has been mocked for the first time. I’m surprised that it’s taken this long.

3. If you ever hear me use the phrase ‘speaking with my blogging hat on’, this is what I mean…

2014-04-22 17.20.56

4. As our son is now one and quite good at doing a high five, we’ve decided that it’s time to try to teach him how to do our family fist pump. I was going to put a picture of this here, but our family first punch is top secret!

5. Our son recently blew a raspberry at me straight after I got home from work. We’ll have to train him to do this when cold callers knock at our door.

6. Fascinated about where I get all my jokes from, our son’s recently being trying to sneak a look at my book of dad jokes. If he thought things through, he’d have done this before he gave me this as a present for my last birthday. That said, he was not even seven months old at the time.

2014-04-20 16.03.56

7. Raisins are one of our son’s favourite foods. It is now almost impossible to sit down to eat cereal topped with reasons without him coming over to inspect it and see how many raisins I’m prepared to give him (…or he can just grab!)

8. Our son has started throwing food a bit more recently but rarely throws raisins or blueberries. When he does, we know that there’s something not quite right.

9. Our son is too old to have a tablet or games console, so instead I occasionally take him along to our local supermarket to play with the touchscreen weighing scales in the fruit and vegetables section while I try to decide what sorts of dips to get.

2014-04-23 13.59.42

10. In another recent supermarket trip, I bought our son his first football. I loved watching him cling onto it for most of the trip round the store.

11. On my most recent trip to the supermarket, I went without our son as I was on the way home from work. On the way out, I noticed that there’s a car wash near the store petrol station. I can’t wait to try driving our car through the car wash and seeing what he thinks.

12. Last month, our son discovered a new favourite game: throwing the plastic balls from his ball pool at granny and grandad. In the photo below, the grandparents are using their tablets to both take photos of this and also as protective devices faced with the onslaught.

2014-05-05 11.59.30

13. Since our son’s got his ball pool, I’ve quite enjoyed jumping into when I get home from work in the evening. If I had a bigger office, I might consider keeping one in a corner for when I felt the need to chill out for a few minutes.

14. Our son enjoys sitting in a a red and yellow plastic car that toddlers are supposed to push with their feet. He can get it to move backwards but not forwards at the moment. I have already complimented him on having such great reverse parking skills for a one year old.


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